Sunday, 25 April 2010

Training Programme on course

Been a while since I posted as all sorts of things have been going on. I've been trying to follow a 12 week programme which is a first for me as up to now I've only ever just rode the bike and run as and when. Not at all scientific, sorry Max and Ben! Well today I completed week 8. I even managed a TT at the North Bucks last Wednesday. 10 miles on the Leighton Buzzard bye-pass course. 31.57 was slow but at least I now know where I am and how much improvement is necessary before I can say I'm back to pre-illness levels, which by the way was around 27 mins. Almost managed the first 50 miler but finished with 49. still that's quite a step up and suggests that with a couple more efforts completing the Norwich 100 miler in early June is looking more likely.

Ordered a new car last Saturday and managed to top that off by buying another bike on Friday! I'm a sucker for a bargain! It's a Cannondale SIX13 Slice 2. It looks the business and just needs a decent rider to do it justice. After 2009 this year is beginning to shake down into something rather special.

The present Mrs Garrard has started her preparation for the Thetford 10 mile charity ride in a couple of weeks time. First ride earlier in the week was 5 miles and today she topped that with a ride out to Jenny Wren's at Winslow and back. 15 miles in total. I believe that the Thetford ride will be no real problem and that the benefits of regular riding will soon be realised.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Last Match of the Day?

It's said that old footballers eventually go to a football heaven where they find four piles of coats and a multi-sided match in progress. Playing in this everlasting match are the likes of Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney, di Stefano, Bobbie Robson, Garrincha, Matt Busby and the likes. With this in mind I've been a little crazy this week and bought some new kit. The idea is that when I arrive I'm bound to get a game as I'll have the latest Champion League ball!

Looking forward to match day. I've even waxed my new boots.

Monday, 1 March 2010

National Cross Country Championship - Malvern College

The eagerly awaited Brickhill challenge was cancelled due to snow. Brother-in-law Gary was disappointed. However, when the sun came out later in the day and we took the opportunity to drive around and sample some of the hills the disappointment turned to relief! 14% is quite a hill even if only a couple of hundred metres from bottom to top. Brilliant weekend had with my sister Jan and husband Gary, both great characters and wonderful company.

After all the warnings about severe weather on Sunday in the Malvern area the Independent Prep Schools National Cross Country championships went ahead as planned. My school had entered four teams, one in each category, under 11 girls and boys and under 13 girls and boys. Our results were excellent this year, in fact the best results in the 9 years we have been taking teams. If you're interested have a browse on for full results and some stunning pictures of the event.

As a postscript the new £14 million sports hall is top drawer!!

So what's with the picture? Just my pride and joy! I've had the JBA Falcon Sports for 6 years now and have managed in that time to completely renew the interior including the addition of a burr walnut dash and upgrading all upholstery and panelling to soft quality leather.

On the power train side, the engine and gearbox have also been upgraded to a slightly over-bored 2 litre Pinto with 5 speed box, a pair of DCOE 40 Weber carbs and a stage 1 camshaft. Add to this package a mapped electronic ignition and, as expected, we have a very nice little fun car! New years resolution is to make more use of it this year, before it's too late! After all less than 200 miles a year is easy on the petrol bill but represents many a missed opportunity. Roll on the summer.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Setback and New Goal!

With huge help from son Ben at the weekend I now should be able to post blogs with confidence.

This morning I returned from a short ride to hell! I'm trying to prepare for the weekends Brickhill Challenge organised by my club The North Bucks R C. Some hope for a result having just come off the back of 3 weeks of chest infection and flu. Last time I suggested that a 50 miler was on the cards and sure enough on Friday 22nd January I managed to ride to Waterperry and back coving 55 miles in reasonable comfort. Sunday 24th saw me out again and this time I tested a couple of the hills included in the Brickhill Challenge covering 22 miles at a steady pace. Monday, sore throat! Struggled to work until end of week but was too unwell, (aching legs and arms, cough and throat, all the usual winter woes) to get to school on friday. What followed was a week off indoors with no riding or other exercise. In fact Wednesday's ride this week was the first since Sunday 24th and todays nightmare was only the second. So much for the best laid plans! Performance this coming Sunday is no longer the consideration. Just finishing is now the goal!

Nearly forgot, ride today started with temperature a massive 0.5 centigrade. 10 minutes in it started to lightly drizzle. 20 minutes in this turned to light snow. By 45 minitues the snow was getting heavier and the old man in me kicked in and I turned and headed for home. For the next 30 minutes the snow was settling, building up on my clothes and gradually becoming a blizzard. I kid you not. Despite some top 2XU, Craft and Assoss clothing I got home after an hour and a half very cold. I've warmed up now.

Still looking forward to the weekend Brickhill Challenge though! Some of us never learn!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

First Effort

I've been trying to get started on this since my son Ben set it up at Christmas. As a man from another time these latest ideas are always a little daunting.

Since the holidays and the wintry weather it has been a real struggle to get started on this years main goals which are to drop 10 kgs (gained during the inner ear illnes in 2009) and gain sufficient fitness to begin to compete on the bike.

If it wasn't for the food on offer then the first of the goals would be a little nearer. Fitness-wise, the spin class on Monday evening, curtesy of my friends Dave and Sue, has been the best move so far.

I managed a 43 mile ride on Sunday with Dave and, although tired afterwards, it was the best yet. It seems that a 50 mile ride to my favourite tea stop at Waterperry is now a distinct possiblity. Half term is only a few weeks away and a decent weeks mileage is my goal.